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Alexa is much smarter as Amazon reveals new tricks to try with your echo


Amazon’s Alexa Assistant is already pretty smart at turning on lights, reading the latest news and weather forecasts, setting timers, and more. However, Amazon has announced an update that makes Alexa even smarter, which is likely to make it even more sophisticated for Echo owners.

It is hoped that this latest upgrade will allow Amazon’s AI-based assistants to have more natural conversations with human owners. By using the new machine learning system, a US company states that Alexa “can guess that the first question means a subsequent request.”

It may sound complicated, but the results are pretty intuitive.

Amazon believes that these machine learning improvements will allow Echo owners to discover new features and anticipate additional questions that may come soon. This eliminates the need for someone to redo a new request to Alexa.

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So, for example, if a customer asks, “How long does it take to boil an egg?”, The machine learning system guesses who asked that they might be trying to boil an egg. So, with the new feature, Alexa can answer the question “It’s a good idea to start with 3 minutes” and then ask “Do you want to set the timer to 3 minutes?” To follow up.

Getting Alexa to understand when it’s best to stay responsive without being very frustrated is a complex task. To elaborate further, Alexa software engineers Anjishnu Kumar and Anand Rathi wrote in their blog: To customers in a way that doesn’t cause confusion. “

Amazon is clearly pleased with the additions and achievements of Kumar and Rathi. “We are excited about this invention to help you discover Alexa’s skills and make it more useful to you.”

This upgrade was first deployed in the United States and nothing has been announced when it will be accessible to other parts of the world. Here are some top tricks and new things you can ask your Echo speakers while you wait for more details.

Alexa, can we be friends? “

“”Alexa, How can you make you smarter? “
We support Alexa’s ability to answer questions through Alexa Answers, Amazon’s crowdsourced Q & A platform. learn more.

“”AlexaPlease tell me the facts of animals. “

“”Alexa, Start the Night Manager “
Will your knight be the most glorious of all? Try this epic adventure game and be the strongest in the whole kingdom.

“”AlexaPlease give me a long word

“”Alexa, Play classical music for yoga “

“”AlexaDon’t forget to feed your dog. “

“”Alexa, Stop by the kitchen “
You can use the drop-in to instantly connect to your account’s Echo device. For example, while watching a movie in the living room, you can drop in at the kitchen Echo from your Echo device or the Alexa app and ask for popcorn. learn more.

“”AlexaTell me a banana joke “

“”Alexa, Show me your Facebook photo “
You can now personalize your Echo Show wallpapers with your Facebook friends and family photos.To link your account, open the Alexa app, go to the menu[設定],[写真]Select to log in to your Facebook account.

“”Alexa, Stop reading in 20 minutes “

“”AlexaPlease tell me a simple dinner recipe. “

“”Alexa Read the story of science fiction “

“”Alexa, what can I say? “

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