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all about Microsoft's new operating system update

all about Microsoft’s new operating system update

Microsoft prepare the arrival of your big semi-annual update for the operating system Windows 10, which will be known as that of “May 2021” and that from this Wednesday is already available for software analysts.

Microsoft believes that Build 19043.928 It is the “final version for the May 2021 update”, which until now called only 21H1, as the US company reported in a statement on Thursday.

Members of the program Windows Insiders They are the only ones who for now will be able to install this new version if they wish, although they will have to choose this option manually in the system settings panel (Microsoft calls these users search engines).

The US company will continue to test the update through its usual mechanisms, before it reaches end users, and is committed to “continuing to improve the overall experience of May 2021 update on clients’ PCs “.

After the “May 2021” update is installed, analysts will continue to automatically receive new Windows 10 updates, such as monthly ones.

These updates include the new Build 19043.964 version, released earlier this week, and which already has “newer parts” from the May 2021 update.

Windows 10 improves the audio experience

On the other hand, Microsoft also announced that the previous version Build 21370 of Windows 10 includes improvements to the audio experience with Bluetooth devicesas it adds support for the AAC codec and unifies the device selection messages so that only one appears in the user interface.

The company announced the news of the previous version Build 21370 of the Windows 10 system, in which users members of the Insider Program In the Dev channel you can already access some changes and improvements, bug fixes and news regarding the changes to the Bluetooth experience that have been entered.

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Thus, Windows reported that it adds support for the AAC codec, which they claim offers a superior audio quality on wireless speakers or headphones.

It is, they say, a lossy codec featuring “high-quality streaming audio in smaller files”, especially dedicated to online music listening.

Apple’s wireless Airpods will have higher audio quality when used with Windows 10 PCs. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Josh Edelson)

This novelty allows this version of Windows 10 to offer higher audio quality in the range of headphones Apple and in the iTunes and Apple Music applications, since they work with AAC, according to The Verge.

In addition, the update unifies the Bluetooth device selection messages. The change means that when a Bluetooth device is inserted or connected, multiple messages will no longer appear depending on whether it detects that it has multiple functions.

Thus, if a headset has sound output and microphone functions, only a message will appear, and the system will choose by itself whether to connect to the headset or microphone according to the use that the person is making of them.