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All the differences between Bibi and Zombibi


All the differences between Bibi and Zombibi – Brawl Stars

Starting today, the Zombibi skin is finally available on Brawl Stars at the price of 80 gems, here is everything you need to know about this skin.

The long-awaited zombie-themed Bibi skin is finally here! The skin called Zombibi, is a skill created by the artist Kent2D through the Supercell Make contest and can be purchased at the cost of 80 gems. This skin contains:

  • Bibi’s custom look
  • Custom effects
  • Custom textures

Differences between Bibi Standard and Zombibi

All the differences between Bibi and Zombibi - Brawl Stars

Zombibi has done a little grizzled coloring in his hair and wears 3 nails on his head (just like the ones on the spiked club he owns). His body is entirely green, recalling a bit the zombie style, his black eyes with bright pupils like a demon, the eyebrows remain the same.

Also change the rubber, which is no longer pink but yellow, it almost looks like a Pokemon egg. Here in my opinion the Supercell was wrong, since before the tire was pink and the super launched a pink tire, while the Super of now has nothing to do with the yellow tire and in my opinion here they messed up badly. In my opinion they had to recreate a blue tire with the little ghost face, just like the super.

The shirt has the same shape but a different design, wearing a skeletal shirt and a jacket of a completely different color from the original purple. The pins he wears on his left arm also change:

  • Original version: Blue star, little heart and I think a pink teddy bear;
  • Zombibi version: purple sword, yellow shield and a skull / zombie face;

The logo behind the jacket is also different, albeit slightly, it has some changes at the bottom that make it a little more creepy.

The bat changes its appearance completely! It is made entirely of wood and has a spiked club-shaped tip. Even the face drawn on the tip changes, in a more creepy and naughty style. Furthermore, the weapon pendant is no longer a billiard ball but a spiked ball, this skin is very reminiscent of the medieval style.

The shorts and shoes are torn, always to recall the Halloween style!

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What changes in the effects of Bibi’s attacks

The normal Zombibi attack creates a rift (possibly electric) that lets 3 bones stick out of the ground, just like a real zombie coming out of the ground. I believe that the effect of Zombibi’s normal attack is meant to evoke this out-of-the-ground feeling of a zombie with three bones, in this case of Zombibi.

The Super binding changes completely, it is no longer a pink rubber but a blue ghost with a skeletal face that bounces everywhere replacing the original pink rubber. The animation is very cool, although as mentioned earlier it has nothing to do with Bibi’s gum.

Gameplay di Zombibi

Will update this part at 4pm, putting in my Zombibi skin gameplay to make everything more Brawl-o-ween style! And will you be shopping this skin today? See you on my Youtube channel! CLICK HEREI

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