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Almost € 100,000 in video games found in an abandoned house

Almost € 100,000 in video games found in an abandoned house

The beautiful stories of video games

Some time ago, a player had found a treasure trove of retro games in his grandfather’s attic. A discovery that gave him more than pleasure as it is exceptional. The one that we are going to tell you here is even more so and the story even seems surreal. Two players found video games in an abandoned house. So far, the story is already unusual. But the value of the treasure, hidden for more than twenty years, almost reaches the incredible sum of € 100,000.

Old games and almost € 100,000 in winnings

The two players who have found this treasure are the YouTubers behind the chain Cheap Finds Gold Mines, specialist in hunting rare games. Aimee and Korbin of their nicknames, were informed by a netizen of the existence of an old abandoned house. Therefore, they enter the old building, among cockroaches, cobwebs and mold.

Finally, Aimee and Korbin unearth tons of PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube games, as well as stacks of Game Informer magazines. There was also The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, cult classics like Drakengard for PS2, or a chainsaw controller from Resident Evil 4 (Who could benefit from a remake?) in a limited edition. The duo told Kotaku that the total value of the recently discovered game collection is around $ 100,000.

A woman named Stéphanie tells Kotaku that the house belonged to her uncle until 2019. “We have been cleaning my uncle’s house for a few days,” explains Stéphanie. In another video, Aimee says that the former owner experienced trauma after losing a loved one and ended up accumulating something of value for her heart, including video games. A beautiful story, much more than that of this player who dislocates his shoulder while celebrating a victory in a sports tournament.

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