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Amazon meets Tiktok: good plan for 2023

Amazon meets Tiktok: good plan for 2023

Amazon is serious about social commerce. The e-commerce giant has launched a TikTok-like service that allows shoppers to view product photos and videos and then place an order. The move makes sense, as retail experts believe that social commerce has enormous potential.

Amazon announced Thursday that the new feature, called Inspire, would initially roll out to select US customers. The service will roll out nationwide in the coming months.

The American technology group has always relied on statistical images of products. By using videos, customers should stay longer on the site. Until now, an average visit to Amazon’s home page only took three minutes.

Social commerce has long been popular in China, but buyers from other countries still struggle. However, Accenture experts expect global sales to rise to $1.230 billion by 2025. That would more than double in just four years.

With Inspire, Amazon is taking the right step to score with the TikTok generation. With its huge customer base, the group has the potential to play a leading role in social commerce in most countries.

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