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Amazon will end Crucible development forever

Amazon will end Crucible development forever

Amazon has announced that it has finished developing the free-to-play multiplayer shooter Crucible and will shut down the server in just over five months after the game’s release.

so Today’s blog post From Amazon’s Relentless Studios team, the developers explained that after completing the latest roadmap for features and looking at player feedback, it was decided to stop working on the game.

“I am very grateful to the fans for bringing together our efforts. I love to see your reaction to the changes we have made in the last few months, but in the end it is healthy and sustainable. I couldn’t see the future. It’s Crucible, “reads the post.

“We will move the team to focus on the New World from Amazon Games and other upcoming projects.”

Amazon offers a full refund for purchases made, will disable matchmaking in the coming weeks, and will shut down the custom server on November 9, 2020.

The crucible released in May of this year is intriguing in the game Peak with about 25,000 simultaneous players before and after launchHowever, we will only manage hundreds of simultaneous players throughout most of June.

Then in July Amazon Return the game to closed beta Respond to player feedback and improve the Heart of the Hives mode, which focuses on the boss.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has publicly canceled the game. Dropped the title breakaway for science fiction / fantasy sports In 2018, while it was still in Public Alpha.

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Amazon is currently making a second attempt at the AAA release under development, MMO New World. The game was recently postponed to the spring of 2021 Following feedback from the alpha player.

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