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Amazon’s new CEO says the video game hasn’t been created despite the problem


Andy Jassy, ​​Amazon’s next CEO, responded to Amazon’s video game development efforts Abominable report from Bloomberg About the problems the team is facing last week. “Some companies take off in the first year, others take years,” Jassy wrote in a staff email. Seen in Bloomberg, “Although AGS has not been consistently successful yet [Amazon Game Studios], I believe we would do so if we were hanging there. “

“Success immediately is obviously less stressful, but over time it often gets sweeter,” continued Jassy. “I believe this team will get there if we stay focused on what matters most.”

This message arrives at an important time for Amazon Game Studios, the video game development division of the e-commerce giant. The decision to set up the division was reportedly made directly by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The company is reportedly spending about $ 500 million annually on the unsuccessful video game division, so it’s important to get the support of the next CEO.

BloombergAccording to a previous report by Amazon Game Studios, Studio Heads lacking experience in video games, “painfully slow” in-house game engines, women to men on the same occasion. In response to this report, studio director Mike Frazzini reportedly sent an email to the team stating that “things that are less than completely fair and inclusive” have “zero tolerance”. I am. In his email this week, Jassy announced support for Frazzini.

Despite Jassy’s support, Amazon Game Studios still faces challenges. Released last year, pulled and canceled. crucible, A hero shooter inspired by Overwatch.. Another big event, new world, Even while video game adaptation is delayed Grand tour It was released in a very bad review in 2019, so later Deleted from storefront.. AGS may be supported by Amazon’s next CEO, but if you want player support, there’s a long way to go.

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