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Amazon’s new world is like Dark Souls MMO


Amazon Game Studios’ next fantasy video game, New World, is very similar to the Dark Souls MMO version that some players have always wanted.

Amazon’s new MMORPG official preview event has arrived new world, The player has expressed a positive reaction to the game. This is good news for Amazon Game Studios in previous games. crucible Was very unpopular After the release, we returned to the closed beta for further adjustments. new world There’s a fascinating battle and a beautiful world to explore, and people have to notice how similar it is Dark soul.. But those similarities can really give new world advantage.

Amazon’s gaming department has run into a bunch of times along the way, but it seems to be on track. new world.. On the island of Etrunum, new world This is MMORPG Inspired by 16th century expeditions, it features magical fantasy elements along with historically accurate weapons. While fighting a horde of monsters, three separate factions are trying to solve this new realm and compete for resources.

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Survival MMOs were originally supposed to be strictly PvP, New world A new focus combining PvP and PvE Gameplay seems to be rewarding. In both style and tone, new world Borrow a lot from Dark soul.. Just looking at the screenshot of new world It might be enough to make someone think that they are finally watching the video Dark Souls 4.. Dark fantasy tones that combine fantasy history with world-building are clearly influenced by From Software games such as: Dark soul.. But the similarities don’t end there.

Dark Souls influences Amazon’s new world

New world monsters

Aesthetically, new world Very similar to Dark soul.. Character design, armor and weapons are true to the Middle Ages, monster design is demon and Dimples found in Dark soul.. But it’s not just about looks new world I feel like Dark soul MMO.

Battle of new world I feel very similar to how it is done Dark soulAvoiding, blocking, and attacking at the right time is the key to survival on Eternham Island. It is such a precise battle that requires actual strategy and advance planning. new world Feel like soul game. Battle new world Not as clear and complex as fighting in Dark soulIt’s clear that From Software had a big impact on Amazon Game Studios.

But crucible A little failed For the company, Amazon’s gaming division seems promising for future improvements. new world.. With its dark tones, thoughtful combat, and medieval settings, new world May be closest to the player you have so far Dark soul MMO.

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