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Amici 21, Luigi unloads Carola and Maria intervenes to assist her


Close friends 21: Luigi Strangis unloads Carola Puddu. The owner of the dwelling Maria De Filippi measures in to aid her. What occurred? All the particulars.

Luigi Strangis and Carola Puddu –

Due to the fact the 21st edition of the Canale 5 talent display began, “Amici di Maria De Filippi”, the new pupils are on everyone’s lips: of course mainly because of their talent, but also due to the fact of the dynamics that are established amongst them inside the residence.

In point, a few in the highlight is Carola Puddu and Luigi Strangis: the two, who appeared pretty much on the brink of a adore story, they satisfied in these hrs with the assist of mary. What arrived up? Luigi still left Carola. But let us go a lot more specifically.

Mates 21: Luigi and Carola, the unlimited tale

“The unlimited tale” is how the amazing host, Maria De Filippi, named this romantic relationship that was developed in between singer Luigi Strangis and dancer Carola Puddu.

In these several hours, the two boys have had a superior load comparison, assisted by the creator and presenter of the software Queen mary, usually kind and motherly to the competitors of her clearly show. But what specially took place? Let’s discover out jointly!

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Are Luigi Strangis and Carola Puddu together?

The answer, sadly, is definitely no. In fact, in these last hours, the two boys had a confrontation. Maria, through a connection at the Casetta, came in to speak with interested students, claiming that Strangis spoke about his relationship with the dancer.

He began by saying that he had already made clear how he felt for the beautiful dancer, clarifying that he wanted to be close to her as a friend and feeling that Puddu loves him. Yet often and willingly, Luigi realizes that he would like something more, something more than friendship., doing it, perhaps, unintentionally feeling bad.

“You are beautiful like the sun, I don’t care!”

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Maria intervened to help Carola. The latter, meanwhile, hshe said she doesn’t want to get luigi’s love but to solve a problem with herself.

What Maria advised her competitors is that, forcing their hand too much, they could ruin their friendship, in which they have become the benchmark for each other.

In fact, in Mary’s opinion, The two of you should take the relationship more lightly, as the conditions for an important relationship, at the moment, there are no. The iconic was also evoked in the speech. Raffaella Carrà.

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