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Among us Mod reproduces the iconic "prop hunt" mode

Among us Mod reproduces the iconic “prop hunt” mode

It’s been a while since the 2018 multiplayer title “Among Us” became popular, but its fame hasn’t diminished yet. In the distant era of society, games provided a virtual space for friends to get together and play, and were therefore very popular. But people are finding new ways to enjoy more among us.

No, we are certainly not talking about time Everyone tried changing it to The Tinder..

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Popular YouTuber S Sundee Using the mod, we created a new game mode that is very similar to the popular “Prop Hunt” multiplayer mode in the Call of Duty title. The basic gameplay and purpose are the same as the original, but what makes this interesting is the change in the player’s skin.

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The popular YouTuber SSundee has created a Prop Hunt mode in Among Us that is very similar to the Call of Duty game.

The rules of the game are very simple. A group of crew members must complete a set of objectives and tasks. On the other hand, there are scammers who kill the crew one by one and block the ship without warning anyone.

Sounds like a regular Among Us game. Well, this is the difference. Similar to the Call of Duty game “Prop Hunt” game mode, various items, or “props,” are scattered on the floor of the spaceship. In addition to this, players look like these props, and scammers look the same.

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Once this is obtained, the scammer will not be able to see the name tag. Therefore, from that point of view, there is no difference between the prop and the crew.

Well, this is a step up in overall gameplay! Mods always make the game more enjoyable, but this mod is at a whole new level. For example, some players can see the entire map at once, including areas without light.

But of all the mods we’ve seen, this was especially intriguing to us. What is your favorite Among Us mod?