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Among us, the mystery of murder set in space is the latest multi-million dollar pandemic in video games.


The rapid popularity of the game has allowed developers to focus on expanding existing versions by announcing the cancellation of the sequel on Thursday. Reached game Over 1 million players By Friday, September 3, it had grown to over 3.5 million concurrent users worldwide.

“We canceled the sequel because we had the opportunity to give back to the player a little faster than creating a new, better version.” It will be more work in the long run, but the player will play the game. We look forward to updating, and suddenly there will be brand new features and maps that unlock new experiences. ”

Based on other social deductions among us Party games Hidden murderers commit murders at night, like the mafia, where innocent groups live their daily lives. The group must decide who is guilty and eliminate the scammers before losing the majority.
InnerSloth, a three-person company, was released among us and a short flash game called Breaking the Bank that also has an HTML5 version during 2018. Willard is a programmer and handles business Company’s. It gained popularity in countries like South Korea and Brazil, but it didn’t cause much at that time. It wasn’t until this summer that the game started in the United States. Twitch streamer With a fan base of 2.8 million, viewers started playing it.

Among us, it costs $ 5 on Steam, the PC game store, or, the indie store, and is free for mobile advertising. Players can make additional purchases to decorate and customize in-game characters. InnerSloth declined to comment on sales and total revenue.

The game requires 4 to 10 players. These players are randomly assigned to play either crewmate or fake roles. At first, there are always more crew members than scammers. Throughout the game, crewmates try to complete the task, and fraudsters try to kill the crew and disrupt the spaceship without being caught.

There are many recipes among us that are great for social media involvement, such as lies, blame, and denial of anger. YouTube’s largest personal creator, PewDiePie, played like rapper and singer Soulja Boy.

We are not the only indie game of the year. Autumn man Carefree Battle Royale Players are jelly beans trying to get through the maze, jumping challenges and other activities to be the best of the 60 players. Within a month of its launch in August, it sold 7 million copies on the Steam store.

All of the popularity raises the question, what’s next among us? InnerSloth developers know that they need to build on their success and continue to attract players. Experts say their decision to cut the sequel makes sense.

“Creating a sequel at this point would split the audience. We encourage you to keep your interest in the current game high and drive further monetization through in-game purchases.” Diverse games so.

Willard, the developer of Inner Throws, said he plans to add friends to his “friends,” including adding friends, color blind modes, and ways to customize controls.

“These just make people enjoy it over and over again,” he said.

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