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An artificial intelligence "strong surprise" determines the candidate to win the African Cup of Nations

An artificial intelligence “strong surprise” determines the candidate to win the African Cup of Nations

A few hours away, and the first matches of the African Cup of Nations, which will be played in Cameroon from January 9, 2022 to February 6, 2022, will begin tomorrow Sunday, with the opening ceremony, and then the opening match between Cameroon. and Burkina Faso. 24 African teams participate in this tournament. The teams that participated in the tournament were divided into six groups, the first and second from each group will advance to the knockout stages, and the four best third-place teams from the group will be selected on the stage of the tournament.

It should be noted that all expectations confirm that this year’s edition of the African Cup of Nations will be one of the strongest in this tournament, due to the strength of the teams participating in the tournament in this version, and before the start of the tournament. tournament. matches, all expectations were in the interest of Algeria and Senegal to win the championship title. This is because the two teams are currently considered the strongest of the continent’s teams, although there are also possibilities for Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Tunisia, but everyone knows that the round witch only recognizes giving in the field and there is no place for speculation.

And in a big surprise, the famous British statistics website “Opta” announced the team nominated to win the African Cup of Nations this year, and the site relied on artificial intelligence to find out the candidate to win the tournament. Nigeria was the first to win the tournament. with 14.79%, and Morocco ranked second, Egypt ranked third and Algeria ranked sixth.