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An intelligent parrot imitating the ringtone of an iPhone.. Video

An intelligent parrot imitating the ringtone of an iPhone.. Video

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Social media pioneers circulated a video showing the Gucci parrot, showing off its unexpected talent at mimicking the ubiquitous iPhone ringtone.

In addition to Gucci’s distinctive talent for mimicking that hue, this great interplay with the video is also due to that cunning parrot’s ability to hide being the source of the sound, suggesting to the other through some tricky motion that the sound is coming from. . another place.

WhatsApp British website “unilad”Gucci is an Eclectus parrot, one of the most common parrot species kept as pets, which originated in the South Pacific, including the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and even parts of northeastern Australia.

This parrot is known to differ greatly in appearance between males and females, with males displaying green plumage while females like Gucci have bright red and purple plumage.

Parrots are best known for their imitation skills, while other birds can copy human speech, parrots being the most adept at this, which is thought to come from an additional part of the “singing system” found in all birds. the birds.

Japanese parrot laughing for and without reason… Video

According to Mental Floss, parrots are social animals that probably copy human speech in an effort to fit in with their conspecifics, and it is believed that some can even learn the meaning of certain words, sometimes expanding their vocabulary to hundreds of words. words.

Gucci’s iPhone ringtone has become a case of joke where people rush to check their phones upon hearing Gucci’s talent for trick-or-treating.