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Analysis of the update coming to Brawl Stars

Analysis of the update coming to Brawl Stars

Brawl Talk Halloween: Analysis of the update coming to Brawl Stars

Finally the big day has arrived, the Brawl Talk has arrived along with new skins, new legendary brawler and other crazy news! Don’t miss this news!

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Legendary New Brawler Amber

The new Brawl Stars brawler is called Amber, a legendary brawler who breathes fire at enemies and with the Super creates a puddle of oil that catches fire if hit by Amber’s normal attack. A completely new mechanic and honestly I’m very curious to try it as soon as possible!

14 New skins coming to Brawl Stars

No skin for Amber, at least for this Halloween update. The skins that have been released, finally, are those of Underworld Bo (Bo demoniaco) and ZOMBIBI !! exactly Zombibi has arrived on Brawl Stars and this skin is fabulous.

There are 5 other skins that will be released in the Halloween update and they are the Gold and Silver versions of Mortis, Stecca, Bombardino, Frank and Bull.

Brawloween Challenge

Brawloween challenge

The pink skin will be put as the final prize of the Brawloween challenge, 4 rounds for a total of 12 wins (4 chances of defeat) will give the chance to win this fantastic SKIN! If you fail to win, you can always purchase this skin in the Brawl Stars shop.

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Challenge Colt, on the other hand, is the new skin that will be placed in the store during the period dedicated to the fundraising of the Brawl Stars Championship, which runs from November 5th to 10th!

Map Maker su Brawl Stars

An internal version on Brawl Stars has been created, still in beta, in order to create maps on Brawl Stars! It is a beautiful feature created by Supercell, which could increase the fun for creators in Streaming and in various videos, but not only among friends.

Santuario di Hewitt

It seems that the very famous Mortis Sanctuary mode will return, where you will lose life while playing and the only way to recover health points is by hitting the opponents. One of my favorite Brawl Stars modes by the way.

All the other news you will find in my video that you find at the beginning of this article, including the release of the new silver and gold skins!

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