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Android 10 runs on Switch with Joy-Con support thanks to an unofficial ROM

Android 10 runs on Switch with Joy-Con support thanks to an unofficial ROM

The Android 10 operating system has landed on Nintendo Switch thanks to the work done by the team SwitchRoot that in the past had allowed to install a previous version of the OS in the hybrid console of the Kyoto house.

The programmers did available for download a LineageOS 17.1 ROM based on Android 10 built primarily to run on Nvidia Shield TV. This version brings with it several improvements over the previous version, firstly the introduction of deep sleep mode that will prevent the operating system from eating the battery of the console. Besides this we also have the full support for Joy-Con and Pro Controller, optimized support in decoupled mode with implementation of resolution scaling, better support for touch screen controllers, Bluetooth and WiFi with fewer cases of lost connection.

The ROM is available in two versions: a tablet build that offers a standard Android interface that is compatible with all applications, and a build for Android TV that can be used in both docked and undocked mode, but with limited application support. The former is recommended if you use the console more on the go, the latter if you are more used to keeping it connected to the TV.

The developers finally added that the games featured in Shield (including Tomb Raider, Half-Life 2, etc.) Still can’t run Switch via ROM, and that you may still experience stuttering with Bluetooth audio. At the moment it seems that neither Google nor Nintendo have commented on the story stating that they want to stop the work of SwitchRoot.

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