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Android 12 Layouts Now Available for Google's GBoard Keyboard

Android 12 Layouts Now Available for Google’s GBoard Keyboard

At the last Google developer event, many elements of the new design that the Android 12 system is about to bring was unveiled. Google calls out the new design Material you And it even published its design guidelines. At first glance, it seems that the Android 12 system will bring many design changes and they are the ones that were the most prominent at the developer event. This time it seems that Google is putting a lot of emphasis on design and less on the engine behind the system.

Image Source: Google

Material You is about to hit a variety of Google products and not just the Android 12 system. One of the places where we will see the changes is on the home keyboard. GBoard. Recently, the Google keyboard made its way to the WearOS watch operating system with online reports talking about new options that have also made their way to the smartphone keyboard.

Left side with the green wallpaper and on the left side the keyboard with green keys. Image Source: XDA Developers

Google GBoard will have the option to automatically adjust its background according to the background that exists on the smartphone. This option has been unveiled on ASUS ‘Zenfone 8 smartphone running Android 11 and therefore it is estimated that the new updates will not be exclusive to Pixel devices but to all smartphones.

Right side with new design Left side with current design. Image Source: XDA Developers

Beyond that, a number of new design updates have been revealed to the GBoard keyboard. The new keyboard layout is inspired by the new Android 12 layout. Users have now recognized that the Enter buttons, the space bar, and the number key have a rounded alphabetic layout. To put it mildly, these aren’t the updates we’ve been hoping for on the Android 12 keyboard and system, but it seems like Google is currently putting a lot of emphasis on the theme of design.

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The new update should reach all GBoard keyboard users no matter what device you installed it on. invited Install it And maybe get as excited as Google does.

fountain: XDA Developers