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Android 13: Google brings interactive wallpapers with Cinematic Effect to Pixel smartphones (video)


with the start of android 13 will google again many innovations in the operating system, some of which could already be seen in the first two developer previews. Now another cool new feature has been discovered, which may remain exclusive to the Pixel for the time being: 3D wallpapers with an interactive cinematic effect.

android 13 logo

Many users of google photos You must be familiar with the ‘Cinematic Effect’, which can turn normal photos into 3D animation and give them much more depth. You can see it in the attached example below. Until now, such an effect has only been available on the photo platform, but with Android 13 it could also come to the operating system and ensure that static background images become interactive with this elegant effect.

Clear indications of this effect were discovered in Android 13 sources, but it has not yet been activated and appears to be offered exclusively for Pixel smartphones. The description shows that the effect should not be executed as a video, like Google Photos, but instead reacts to the movement of the smartphone. Depending on the direction or attitude, there may be different points of view.

Fans of live wallpapers have known something like this for many years, but rather with themes and effects out of the box. If Android algorithms can parse images as well as Google Photos algorithms, then there could be wallpapers worth checking out in the future. Provided, of course, that a suitable reason has been chosen.

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