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Android: Alternative launcher offers a neat and slim interface without a classic home screen

Android: Alternative launcher offers a neat and slim interface without a classic home screen


Every Android user has the option to customize the interface on the smartphone as much as possible, with one new launcher in particular bringing a breath of fresh air. Alternative launchers can be used by many users and today we would like to introduce you to a very slim rep that takes clarity and simplicity to a new level. Certainly known to some, others might become fans: The Niagara Launcher.

Niagara Launcher Logo

Most smartphone manufacturers have only realized in recent years that the launcher not only has to be functional, but it also has to look smart and work well. For this reason, many users turned to alternative launchers, which currently have the worm inside, because Nova and Lawnchair are furiousso that some could switch from one alternative to the next.

A well-known alternative that is somewhat regarded as insider advice is the Niagara Pitchers. This doesn’t copy the classic home screen concept for the hundredth time, but instead relies on a fancy list screen. Favorite apps are displayed on the home page and a swipe up or on the alphabet displayed on the right takes you directly to the drawer with all your installed apps. Here, too, one stays true to the list view, so it’s really always just a filtered view of the same concept.

You can put the most important apps in quick access and, in the best case, reach all the others with a quick swipe. Tap the letter (you don’t have to press it exactly) and you’ll be at the point in the alphabetized list where the desired app should be.

Niagara Launcher Screenshots

But that’s not all: in addition to apps, you can also display notifications directly in the launcher. These are listed in the app entry and can therefore be quickly found and pre-ordered (see screenshot above). If you want to make it a bit more interactive, widgets can also be integrated into this view. At some point you torpedo the simplicity yourself, but the basic concept is really compelling.

The developers know that such a new concept is difficult to apply to humans, creatures of habit. Therefore, they recommend giving the caster seven days before making a decision. I personally like it and use it on my tablets. On the smartphone, on the other hand, it is a bit too small for me, so another launcher is still used there. Just give it a try, the app is ad-free and free. How often do you see an app on the Play Store that gets five rounded stars?

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Niagara Launcher - Modern/Clean
Niagara Launcher - Modern/Clean

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