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Android and Chrome OS: Handy Smart Lock is discontinued - unlock Chromebooks via smartphone

Android and Chrome OS: Handy Smart Lock is discontinued – unlock Chromebooks via smartphone


Google has been working on both operating systems for a long time Android Y Chrome OS brought together through various bridges and synchronizations. In the course of this smart lock, which allows the Chromebook to be unlocked via a smartphone and thus saves a login. It has now been announced that this feature will soon be removed without replacement.

Android Chrome operating system

Not only has sharing of files between Android smartphones and Chromebooks become possible in recent years, but also the security and unlocking of devices has been optimized. With smart lock Chrome OS users may be able to bypass unlocking the Chromebook if it is connected to the unlocked Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Anyone who uses both classes of devices must know this and may have found it very convenient.

Since we are removing the login with the Smart Lock feature, we no longer need this subpage

But Google has now unofficially announced that it will be discontinuing this convenience feature, for reasons that are not yet known. Starting from a commit The above statement is very clear and unequivocal. So far, no timetable is known and there will likely be no replacement. Because what’s more convenient than not having to unlock your Chromebook at all? Nothing, so it will be removed without replacement.

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