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Android and iOS users at risk: Malicious malware wants your money

Android and iOS users at risk: Malicious malware wants your money

Scammers have developed a sneaky scam to steal your money from Android and iOS users alike. Like the security experts from “Eset” to report, this method has been promoted since the beginning of 2021 and has only grown since then. Criminals place apps on websites that look like crypto wallets. These are often oriented towards the actual providers only in terms of their appearance.

However, the malware works in the background. As soon as users load and launch the apps, the cryptocurrency seeds can be read and stolen. Seeds are a series of words that serve as a password for the wallet. If the wallet is lost, users can access it again at any time.

The main target was users from Asia. However, this tactic can also be implemented in all other regions.

On iOS and Android: Cryptocurrency Users at Risk

With fake apps, scammers can steal your crypto wallet.


Security experts have found more than a dozen of these applications in recent months. They are usually found on external websites and not in the app stores. However, the Play Store for Android users is particularly susceptible to fake apps, as the last few months have shown. So users should also be careful here. Scammers often copy the code from the original apps, making them visually identical.

Protect yourself and never download apps from questionable websites. If you don’t know the page or suddenly land on another page through a banner ad, leave it again. It is best to trust our download area or the app stores on iOS and Android.