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Android Auto continues to cause massive problems

Android Auto continues to cause massive problems

Problems with Android Auto do not stop and with each release, a new bug (or bugs) have been added in the past few months. There is currently another issue with version 7.8.6, which affects various makes and models of cars.

Android Auto: smartphone “not supported”

in the google forums there is talk that the smartphone appears as “unsupported” after updating to this version. Included are models from Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and even a pixel smartphone has issues.


Google has now become aware of the problem and has asked many users for more details about it. The issue with Android Auto was passed on to the rest of the team three days ago and there hasn’t been an update from Google since.

To my knowledge, Android Auto has never been so unstable and we don’t even report many issues. Google somehow can’t control version 7.X. And that regardless of the fact, that Version 8 with the new design is coming soon.

Use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly: CarrGenie stands out

There is a new solution that allows Android Auto to be used wirelessly in the car and in this case Apple CarPlay is also included. And it’s a Kickstarter project again, but the goal was very…August 22, 2022 READ NOW →


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