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यह Clubhouse की प्रतीकात्मक फाइल फोटो है।

Android Clubhouse version to launch in India on May 21, 2021 Here are all the details

New Delhi, Tech Desk. The wait for the popular Clubhouse audio chat app will end right now. The Clubhouse application will be launched in India on May 21, 2021. In such a situation, after May 21 in India, the Clubhouse application will be available for download on the Google Play Store for all Android users. The company has announced the launch of the Clubhouse app by posting a media bill. In addition, from the official Twitter account of the company, it has been said that Clubhouse will be implemented in Japan, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, including India, next Friday. In the rest of the world, the Clubhouse app will launch on Friday afternoon.

Users will not be able to access these functions

Please let us know that previously this audio chat app was available for iOS users. Additionally, an Android version of the Clubhouse app was also available in the US After Clubhouse’s huge popularity on the company’s iOS version, it has been introduced for the Android version. The Clubhouse beta has already been rolled out in some countries. Clubhouse Android users will not be able to access all features initially. Features such as in-app translations, localization, creation, or club management will not be available in the beta version of the app.

These Clubhouse audio chats will collide

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Let us know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about Clubhouse, after which Clubhouse’s popularity spiked. In such a situation, the audio chat application has been implemented on the Clubhouse lines in India. Clubhouse will compete in Ace with Twitter Spaces in India, Facebook’s Audio Chat Hotline application and LinkedIn’s Audio Chat application.

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