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Android Feature Drop: Google Brings New Features to All Smartphones – Update for Useful Products


Not only does Google provide Pixel smartphones with a Pixel Feature Drop every three months, but at some point without much announcement it also launched the concept of Android Feature Drop inserted. This is a bunch of innovations that will be implemented for all users of the operating system, and now is the time again. The new Android Drop feature comes with some handy innovations.

Android feature drop in June 2022

With Google products, it is very common for changes, innovations and improvements to be made and implemented in the background without users noticing. This not only applies to web services, but in the case of Android even to the operating system. There is one every few months. Android Feature Drop, which, unlike the Pixel Feature Drop, reaches all users. It also differs from Google’s system update, which is rolled out several times a month.

Here you can find out what innovations the current round of Android Feature Drop has in store.

Gboard Text Stickers

the Gboard Text Stickers they were released a few months ago for all Pixel users and will soon be available for all Android users. These are dynamically created stickers offered by the keyboard app that can give a very special expression to a few words. If you don’t use it excessively and in light doses, it can certainly be very helpful in expressing yourself through text.

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Kitchen Emoji Stickers

Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen allows you to combine multiple emoji to create entirely new emoji that can have different meanings. There are countless possible combinations available, for which Google designers have created additional images. There is now an update for this feature, which claims to have new images for 1600 more combinations in your luggage. They have mainly focused on Pride Month and have designed special emojis for it.

This can be a fun feature, but the same applies to text stickers. If you use it carefully, you can get along very well with the other person. Otherwise, there are certainly enough emojis already for all users to choose from. Those interested in Pride themes can also check out our new collection of Chrome OS wallpapers.

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Sound amplifier

With the sound amplifier (in German audio amplifier) audio signals can be filtered and important things are highlighted acoustically. The latest update brings a stronger background noise filter and aims to get the job done even faster and more accessible. Here is a brief description of what exactly the app does:

The Audio Boost accessibility feature enhances the audio output of your Android device and improves listening clarity. Headphones are required for use. With Audio Amplifier, you can filter, enrich and amplify the sounds around you and on your device. Audio Boost makes important sounds, like conversations, louder without amplifying distracting sounds too much. Two simple sliders let you quickly adjust the sound gain and suppress annoying background noise.

lookout update

The powerful Lookout app also gets a major update: with this app, any image and the image from the camera can be analyzed and its content can be described or talked about. A Google Lens, so to speak, for special use by visually impaired users. With the latest update, each image can now be shared and analyzed with the app, the app can be used without an internet connection, and there are improvements to individual modes for detecting documents, text, or food packaging, which are not described in detail.

In this round, the updates tend not to be of interest to the mass of users, which does not detract from the relevance of individual improvements. Those who like to type out loud will be happy with the updates to Gboard and those who depend on them will appreciate the improvements to Sound Amplifier and Lookout.

The next Pixel Feature Drop is coming tonight and we can’t wait to see what innovations it will bring with it.

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