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Android Smartphone without Google | problems and benefits

Android smartphone without Google: problems and advantages (Wednesday, December 1, 2021)
On practically all phones Android we can find the services Google integrated as a system application, so you can quickly access the official application store of Android (Google Play Store) and take advantage of all other services associated with the account. Google (Find my phone, Assistant Google and so on). But if we don’t like to use the services Google or we are bothered by the continuous monitoring of our life and habits, we can really use a phone Android without no service Google installed? In the following guide we will show you what are the Benefits and theBenefits when using a phone Android withoutRead on navigaweb


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Chrome OS 96: new camera features

You can save the document as a JPG image or PDF file and share it on Gmail, social media, or via the Nearby Share feature, a smartphone Android or another Chromebook on the …

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Tech Christmas Gift Ideas For Under 100 ?: Here’s What To Buy

It is controlled through the dedicated application for smartphone and inside it has a gyroscope, a … LED lights included, Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters, compatible with iOS and Android, Blue Amazon 64 See …

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Chrome OS 96: new camera features

Chrome OS 96’s Camera app lets you scan documents, control an external camera, and perform other tasks.

Netflix lands in the world of smartphone games

Netflix, the popular streaming video content platform, recently announced the distribution of games for smartphones. From …

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