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Google is doing everything possible to make users feel confident walking anywhere in the city, as the company has been tightening the security of its operating system with each update. In this opportunity, we will teach you a trick that will be very useful in situations where you are the victim of a robbery or lose the equipment, since anyone who has your Smartphone will not be able to turn it off and thus it will be very easy to know where it is.

If you have acquired a new cell phone or already have one and the criminals have taken it from you, do not worry, since It has a function to prevent thieves from turning off your mobile, removing the Wi-Fi connection, mobile data or deactivating the location. In addition, everything is inside the equipment settings, so it will not be necessary to install additional applications from the Google Play Store.

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It is important to clarify that the smartphone will have to have the Android version 11.0 onwards, likewise, it must have enough battery and the location activated so that you can find it, of course, together with the corresponding authorities that safeguard your physical integrity. Another relevant detail is that this way they hide your cell phone underground you will be able to find it, since the person will not be able to turn it off, much less now that the equipment has a built-in battery.


  • First, go to the Android ‘Settings’.
  • Then, find and enter the ‘Lock screen’ section.
  • A new window will open. Here click on ‘Secure Lock Setting’.
  • They will ask you to enter your PIN or pattern to continue.
  • Finally, activate the options ‘Block with side key’ and ‘Block network and security’.
Secure lock settings (Photo: Mag)

Done, that would be it. Before trying the secure lock, first verify that you do not have the ‘Trusted places’ function activated, what does this mean? It will not be necessary to place your pattern or security pin if you are connected to your home network. If you have not configured this, proceed to lock your mobile, try to turn it off and when you do, it will ask you for the password.


  • From a PC or smartphone, enter your Gmail account and then the next .
  • Now, press the model of your cell phone that you have linked to your Google account.
  • Then click on Search for device
  • Finally, when you are near the device, press the option Play sound, so that the mobile sounds for 5 minutes, even if it is in silent mode.

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