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Android TV preview was released 12 months ahead of schedule

Android TV preview was released 12 months ahead of schedule

Google’s Android TV is gaining new levels of prominence for the redesigned user interface coming to some devices, and on the contrary, it seems that major updates can be a bit faster. Today, alongside smartphones and tablets, Google released the first preview of Android TV 12.

The first preview of Android TV 12 was released today and brings with it a new Google TV experience. This makes sense, as Google has previously confirmed that any retail Android TV device starting in 2022 will need to use Google TV instead of Android TV. As a result, the Android TV developer device, the ADT-3, is updated on Google TV as part of this update.

What’s new in Android 12 / Android TV in Android 12? For now, it is still not clearer. Google does not request any specific TV changes, even if the Google TV interface falls on the ADT-3. However, presumably some behind the scenes come with this update, such as HEVC transcoding, AVIF, multi-channel audio, and various other modifications that will appear with some capability.

The most important part of the news here is the weather. In previous years, the main Android TV updates were announced for a month, if not Years After launch on the smartphone. For example, it was Android TV 11 Announced September 2020Android 11 will be available to the public for the first time. So far the update has not been added to any significant capabilities as it was only available on the ADT-3. If the first Android TV 12 preview was released early for any indication, we should expect more timely updates this time.

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