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Android users too ... Get ready: Twitter‌

Android users too … Get ready: Twitter‌

Internet Desktop: Twitter is about to make another feature available to Android users. Android users will be able to enjoy the ‘Spaces’ feature previously provided to iOS users for audio chat. Twitter has announced that it is already testing the beta version. In countries like India, where Android devices are widely used, efforts are underway to bring the audio chat feature to users. ” Android users too …! We have released a beta version of the spatial function. Join the space soon and speak up. Be ready to create your own. We are testing some themes. Stay tuned for the live space. See you soon … ” he tweeted.

How to do ..?
What is the possibility of sending an audio message on WhatsApp? In addition to Twitter, a similar feature is coming to Android users soon. After opening the Twitter app, you need to click on the tweet icon. The voice symbol appears on the right side of the message box. If you open it, the microphone will turn on. Hold down the mic too and say what we want to say. The voice limit is only 140 seconds. Known worldwide as a microblog, Twitter has more than 1.75 million users in India. Most of them are Android users.