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Android: With This New App You Can Remove Unwanted Bloatware Apps – Free, Fast & Safe


Every Android smartphone comes with dozens of pre-installed apps that are difficult or impossible to remove. Many of these applications are necessary, others are very useful and popular with users, but there is a third category: bloatware. With a fairly new free app, you now have the ability to remove unwanted pre-installed apps, even without root.

android malware

Bloatware are apps that are pre-installed on the smartphone and take up valuable resources and storage space, but are not wanted by the user. In some cases these applications can be removed, but in many others they cannot. The range of apps extends from the usual taxi apps to news and food ordering sites and really established apps from Microsoft and Facebook.

Apps are pre-installed by smartphone manufacturers or mobile network operators to open up more revenue opportunities with the devices. Strictly speaking, many Google apps would also have bloatware pre-installed, but the vast majority of users accept it and even want it. It’s often not possible to remove these apps, but with a new free app it’s easy. This takes care of the entire bloatware removal process.

With Android Debloater, you get a list of all the apps installed on your smartphone that are classified as bloatware. There is also a preset and the simple option to delete the app with the push of a button. This should clean the smartphone to the point where it can be considered bloatware-free from your own point of view.

android debloater screenshot

There are several ways to remove these apps even without root. What makes the app really valuable is the built-in list of known bloatware apps. Even as an expert user, sometimes you don’t know if it’s a good idea to remove XY app from your smartphone. After all, many system functions within Android have now been outsourced to apps. Removing the wrong one can have serious repercussions.

So you get an editorially maintained list and the certainty that a known and previously trusted developer from the XDA community is behind it. That doesn’t mean there will never be any problems, but I can still recommend the app with a clear conscience. It’s best to delete only what really bothers you or takes up a lot of storage space. If you are not sure, better leave it alone.

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