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Angry Birds Stella: Rovio Game Review


Angry Birds Stella is one of the many variations of the game with the colored birds attacking the green pigs. Everyone is undoubtedly familiar with this video game series, which over time, since the launch of the first episode, has garnered a considerable response from smartphone and tablet users.

Angry Birds Stella, a game variant which was anticipated by numerous videos and which, at the time of the official launch, was made available to players completely free of charge, also downloadable on smartphones and tablets.

The gameplay of Angry Birds Stella

Very interesting, we said, Angry Birds Stella for the features of the game it offers to fans. Those who have always appreciated the series will also find in this game the main peculiarities that have characterized the different titles of the mobile saga.

The game system, in fact, is similar to what we can find in the classic games of the series, starting with the first Angry Birds. Several years have passed since first classic video game The series mobile has been released and even today there are many who spend some time during the day trying to conquer all the available trophies, going from level to level.

Also in the case of Angry Birds Stella we will therefore find the typical slingshot allowing players to throw birds at pigs.

Unlike the original game and other versions of the series, this time to characterize Angry Birds Stella is the presence of Stella’s gang, the pink bird. Therefore, we will have a group of birds to launch against the opponents, among which we can remember Dahlia, willow, poppy and luca. The objective will not only consist of annihilating the green pigs placed on the other side of the game screen. But in the course of the adventure proposed by Angry Birds Stella we will also have to save the golden island, which was conquered by the Evil Princess.

Special powers

Even in the case of Angry Birds Stella we will have birds with particular abilities available, which will allow you to defeat the opponents represented by the green pigs.

For example, Stella will have the ability to fly quickly towards a target to hit and will be able to bounce off obstacles. It is real Special powers, which will give players the opportunity to move the action, taking advantage of different opportunities to reach the final goal. The latter is precisely to overcome the level by annihilating all the opponents present in the game scheme.

Consider, for example, the special power of yellow feathers, which can spin like a whirlwind, creating a small tornado capable of destroying what it finds in its path.

The game levels present in Angry Birds Stella are 120 and all will give the opportunity to explore the various details of the golden forest. As we continue in the game, of course, the difficulty will increase, as it does in all the other games in the Angry Birds series.

Sometimes, for example, pigs will wear armor and in this case it will be even more difficult to defeat them. However, we should not be discouraged by the need to repeat the different levels to win games. Because a victory will surely give us one great satisfaction throughout the game, especially for levels that may be more difficult to solve.

The graphics and audio of Angry Birds Stella

Very interesting the graphic aspect of the game in question, which is configured as very colorful, as indeed it happens with all the episodes of the series in question. We will be inside a forest and, consequently, the scenarios can only be themed with nature.

Therefore, we will explore environments with rocks, but also areas where we will be able to see a large amount of vegetation. During the different levels we can also collect photos of the actions of the game. These can be put together in one Photo album really fun and colorful in all its details and in all its aspects.

The sounds and music that accompany the player in the Angry Birds Stella adventure are also very interesting and extremely engaging.

A game you must try

Therefore, we can say that with this game Rovio, the producer of the entire series, once again surprises us with the game world that it manages to create and the fun actions that can be recreated during the gameplay of the adventure.

Although the experience of the game may be similar to that of other episodes in the saga, in reality Angry Birds Stella should be considered only as one of the many thematic variants of the game. That is why we can only be happy with the way the game was created and the fun possibilities it can offer users.

Remember the Angry Birds Stella game was available on the road completely free, for download on smartphones and tablets. An absolutely video game product to have, especially for the hours of fun you can spend fighting with the band of colored birds. We also remind you that, a few months after its launch, a sequel to the game, in which the adventures of Stella and her friends continue, Angry Birds POP!.

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