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Angry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 Deluxe Review (Switch eShop)


James Rolfe’s Angry video game geek Characters last longer than so many imitators and outperform their performances. Showmanship veneers and pantomime’s goofy and dishonest anger are a different world from the real poisons exhaled by those who appear to have influenced him.Nerds are not dangerous and hateful – he Strange, He Ridiculous, James said Ridiculous Get angry with video games.

With such popularity and longevity, it was inevitable that the nerd would see his own video game outing, and in the freak zone. Angry video game nerd adventure In 2013, we made a hit with Wii U and 3DS and had a decent reception. A complete, confident quasi-masokoa platformer, a short and sweet AVGN fan service with a solid level of design and a great line of hidden content.Still, I was surprised at the sequel Angry Video Game Geek 2: Assimilation It was a PC hit exclusively in 2016. It’s a big improvement over the original, but it’s a shame that this excellent follow-up has never hit the console.

So here we have Angry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 DeluxeIncludes both games, with numerous upgrades and additional features. Most notably, the original game has been significantly overhauled, with a much better graphic style (colors look very vivid) and a significant improvement in level design in the sequel.

This cannot be emphasized enough. It’s much better here and seems to be a completely different game in some places. The continuous appearance of “death blocks” -the disappearance and reappearance of the obstacles that killed you instantly-was wiped out and 99% of them were simply replaced by damaging spike balls.This alleviates the challenge, but in a meaningful way to simply create an AVGN adventure. Better.. There are also new secrets and some stunning overhauled music.Place the game on the level selection screen However To hear a great remix of the AVGN theme.

Sequel AssimilationSo it’s the first time for Nintendo fans and a welcome sight. There is only one problem – It’s no longer better than the original! ASSimilaton is very good (some tweaks from the original format), but we believe that the improvements to the first game will make ASSimilaton a great experience. It’s a bit strange, but in every respect it’s best to look at AVGN2 as an example of a sequel escalation.Much harder, it adds a clutch with a new mechanism like this Rockman XA style of wall jumps that empowers geeks, and similarly inspired unlockable upgrades (based on NES accessories such as power gloves). With these abilities, the odds are a bit even, but in the game, the aforementioned stages that appear out of nowhere in a stage full of instant death traps, such as the Beam in Area 51, or a stage inspired by the madness of monsters. I want you to die in “Death Block”. ..

Despite this difficulty, bite-sized stages do not exceed their welcome and checkpoints are freely placed. It can be tough and frustrating (did you ever enjoy a stage with limited visibility?), But it’s very compulsive. They often die within the sight of the next marker, driving success. There are also many difficulty options, the lower ones (including defaults) give infinite life and make things much more palatable. Higher difficulty will also regain the “block of death” for the masochists in you.Main difficulty we What I had was the RSI – crushing the fire button to blow up the boss was really painful and we wereted a desire for rapid fire.

This is an absolute Smörgås board for Angry Video Game Nerd fans, with lots of references, gags and nods to the classic episodes of the show. Based on the show that brought “Diarrhea Garbage Dump” and “Geek Feces”, you can expect a lot of scatological humor, but many work well-the bosses on the Monster Madness stage really It’s interesting. Clearing both games included (not too long, so this is very achievable with patience) unlocks a whole new final world, gimmicks from previous games and some more modern Filled with inspiration for typical AVGN episodes- Dynamite heady-Inspired big rig.


Well done and definitely fun Angry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 Deluxe will definitely lose something to non-fans, but it’s a world above the noisy favorite PoopDie.. This re-release enhances the artisan-like original to a point that almost surpasses the better sequels of previous leagues, but both games are good. It’s comfortably the best “YouTuber game” and this edition polishes it everywhere in the right place. If you’re a fan of AVGN, it’s a must. If not, you’ll probably enjoy it. Freakzone has created a pair of fleshy, responsive and rewarding platformers that genre enthusiasts will kick out. If you’ve already played both games, the additional chapters aren’t long enough to require a double dip, but it’s a great inclusion regardless, and this version is definitely a better option. (Oops, we almost forgot all the best news – nostalgia critics Completely deleted From AS Similation. Don’t limit your joy! )

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