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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise and the first and only DLC for a scheduled rate for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and was released for the last time November 5th. The update is part of the biggest update the game has had as a gift so far, introducing many new mechanics for free. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise It is a type of game in game, as players can land on a new island and start a separate adventure from the main island. However, by continuing on the DLC it will be possible to unlock some features that can also be used in the base game.

A warm welcome from Casimira Vacanze

The Casimira Vacations is an agency that organizes and restructures holiday homes for the inhabitants from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you have purchased the DLC Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise, players and players will be able to go to the airport of their island and, talking to Dodobaldo, choose the option “I want to go to work”. This will start a trip to a archipelago of islands still unexplored, in one of which the headquarters of Casimira Vacanze will rise. Casimira, the owner, along with her assistants Gedeone me Gilbertuccio, you will be more than happy to welcome a new “workforce” to your business.

The purpose of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise It’s of to furnish holiday homes and facilities. A breath of fresh air is represented bylist of objects and furniture made available to players for each project, and that increase as businesses grow and the number of vacation rentals completed. The items to furnish are not related to the ones you have on your main island, but are provided directly by Casimira Vacanze. This means that all players, even those who have recently started the adventure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have excellent tools to make the vacation homes beautiful and elegant, following your personal taste.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise 1

The first project, common to all, will be to build a house with a beautiful bookcase for Eloisa, Casimira Vacanze’s number 1 customer. The decoration process was greatly simplified: placing furniture and elements of various kinds will be a matter of a click, and even the decoration of the gardens will be fast and effective. Decorating the floor with patterns, for example, which on your main island requires several steps, can be done in the DLC with one button, as well as the insertion of several identical elements. If you want to beautify the area with some bush, just select it and hit the enter key repeatedly until you reach the desired amount. With the X key you can also choose the growth level and maturation of vegetation (trees, weeds, moss, shrubs, vegetables, etc.).

Eloisa’s vacation rental will be the starting point for the DLC and will act as the tutorial for later creations, which will be customized according to the player. About him Beach from the main island of the archipelago, where the headquarters of Casimira Vacanze is located, every day it will be possible to meet 4 or 5 inhabitants who, with the intention of taking air with a fan, playing with the sand and relaxing in the shade of an umbrella , you will wait to see your wishes fulfilled. As you approach the villagers, you will be able to read the everyone’s furniture requestsand choose the house you want to build the most.

The return of the Beautiful Homes Network

One of the most successful functions of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise and the Beautiful Homes Network, whose Online service it is unlockable after completing 13 projects (including renovation of the restaurant and cafeteria). Thanks to this application, loaded directly into the NookPhone of the player, they can share your work And go to see the others. By clicking on the photo of a holiday home or a structure of our liking, created by another player, you can decide to go to visit her with the corresponding “Visit” button, which will also provide the used furniture catalog.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise 3

It is also possible continue your favorite designers, to keep up to date with their latest work. The projects that will be uploaded to your profile and shared with others must be selected from those already completed. Therefore, it is important take a nice picture with which to identify each vacation home and each place that is completed, in order to make a great impression on the Beautiful Homes Network and become a destination for other players. As the DLC progresses new items will be unlocked and furniture, but it will also be possible to take advantage of increasingly numerous mechanics, such as the expansion of the rooms, the change of lighting in the apartments, the insertion of internal walls and columns and the rehabilitation of 2-storey houses.

The photo to be included in your personal workbook can also be taken in the gardenand not just inside the vacation home. In addition, after the successful completion of 4 projects, work will begin on the structures of Casimira Vacanze Island, such as the school and the ristorante. After filling all the empty buildings, the streets of the island will be filled with inhabitants willing to enjoy a vacation, and take advantage of the services that the player will have made available to them. The buildings can also be uploaded to the Beautiful Homes network and serve as inspiration for other players.

Towards new horizons

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise it’s a DLC full of news and things to do. Once you have completed a rental or vacation rental, it is always possible get back to work on it to enter new details or plan a renewal using the features unlocked later. Eloisa’s bookshelf, for example, can be transformed into a 2-story house with a completely new theme. After modifying the project at least once, in fact, the inhabitant who uses it will ask the player to choose a new name for your home. Although each job has a theme to respect, depending on the applicant’s tastes, interior decorators enjoy great freedom at work on projects.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise 5

ATTENTION! From now on, details about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise that may be spoilers will be shared.

Let’s see in detail what achievements that can be unlocked passing as Casimira Vacanze’s apprentices:

  • the Beautiful Homes Network (without online function) will be charged to your Nookphone after 2 case vacation completed;
  • the Pro Furniture License is given as a gift, if not purchased yet, after having worked on 3 case. Otherwise, an amount equal to 2,500 Nook miles will be reimbursed;
  • After complete Case 4 holiday, the function will be unlocked polish objects to make them shine;
  • After 5 case vacation, the Do it yourself schemes. Every day it will be possible to find a bottle on the beach, with a diagram inside;
  • After complete Case 6, you can take advantage of the changing the size of the rooms. Also, your salary after each successful job will increase by 6,000 rooms to 9,000 poki;
  • Before the seventh house, the island school. The work will be paid 25,000 poki;
  • After working on 7 case vacation, the amiibo card reader and figurines it will be on Casimira’s counter and can be used to create a home for your favorite characters;
  • After complete 8 case you can use the partition walls;
  • After 10 case, the players will be invited to the upper floor of the Casimira Vacanze to celebrate business growth;
  • After working on 11 case vacation, salary will increase from 9,000 poki to 12,000 rooms. It will also be possible to buy items in the Casimira Vacanze store by paying Gedeone at another time, if you don’t have enough poki;
  • The mechanics of polishing items will improve. additional effects After complete 12 case. In addition, it will be possible change lighting housing to your liking;
  • the ristorante and the coffee bar the island can be furnished before the thirteenth vacation home;
  • After 13 case Belle Case Network will be updated, allowing users to upload online your own projects and see those of others;
  • After 15 case vacation you can use DIY schemes built at least once in the homes. They will also unlock columns and separators, and some schematics will be given to players by Gilbertuccio;
  • After complete 16 case, it will be possible to propose to the inhabitants that they become roommates, sharing a vacation home;
  • After 17 case holidays can be entered musical background;
  • to second floor can be added to holiday homes after eighteen;
  • After 19 case you can propose one own design idea, without necessarily having to follow that of the clients. furthermore, the VIP Clients, inviting them with an amiibo card, to create a dream home for them too;
  • After successful completion 20 case, you will be invited to the second celebration of the activity;
  • After working on 22 case, the players will have to satisfy the requests of a client with Gilbertuccio hoping that Casimira, who is ill, is better;
  • After 23 case vacation, you can use one stellomat to manage poki won
  • After 24 box vacation, players will be able tohospital of the island;
  • More sounds for environments will be added later 25 case holidays;
  • At the end of twenty-seventh house vacation you can use the catalog of your island principal to furnish;
  • The vacation home number 30 it will mark an important milestone as it will be the last unlockable. From this moment on, having participated in a new festival To toast the success of Casimira Vacanze, it will be possible to furnish the tailor shop of the island. DJ KK she will be the singer of a beach party where everyone can dance and have fun. At the end of the party, Casimira will give the players some new emotions. Finally, it will be possible furnish the house of own inhabitants on the main island, making use of what I learned working for Casimira Vacanze.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise 6

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise It fits as a successful DLC into an already near-perfect title, which has satisfied all fan requests for the series and introduced many new features, dramatically increasing the fun and longevity of the game for the millions of Tom Nook & # 39; fans. Co While it was specified that Happy home paradise will be the only paid DLC planned for the title, others may arrive in the future update minori, which will have as its main purpose the resolution of any error.

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