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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Celeste Times & Zodiac Furniture Recipes Complete List


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Celeste is the constellation-obsessed younger sister of Blathers – and while she may be a Virgo, she’s got a Capricornucopia of zodiac knowledge to share with players on a clear night.

If you’d like to discover the best times to spot her roaming your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island – or peruse our complete list of all the rewards she’ll bestow upon you for your stargazing efforts – check out our comprehensive guide below.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Celeste and Getting Zodiac DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who is Celeste?

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First introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Celeste has always had a fascination with constellations. With the introduction of crafting in New Horizons, she’s now providing players with star and zodiac-themed recipes – as well as a significant amount of celestial counsel, if requested.

Where and when can you find Celeste?

Celeste will only appear on your island between the hours of 7pm and 4am – and only on clear nights, when there’s a chance of a meteor shower. Note: a meteor shower does not necessarily need to be announced by Isabelle that morning in order for Celeste to arrive in the evening, but it will increase the odds.

If a friend happens to have Celeste visiting their island on a given night, you may also visit them and speak to her for a recipe of your own – however, you can only receive one recipe from her per day. So, if you happen to run into her on multiple islands, there is a limit to her generosity.

Below is a chart showing percentages of meteor shower occurrences, by dates of the year, according to the official game handbook:

Dates Chance of Meteor Showers
January 5th – February 23rd 4%
February 24th 2%
February 25th – March 31st 4%
April 1st – April 10th 0%
April 11th – June 15th 1%
June 16th – July 5th 0%
July 6th – July 31st 2%
August 1st – August 31st 2%
September 1st – September 15th 3%
September 16th – September 30th 3%
October 1st – November 14th 2%
November 15th – November 24th 2%
November 25th 2%
November 26th – December 9th 2%
December 10th 0%
December 11th – December 23rd 3%
December 24th – December 30th 0%
December 31st – January 4th 4%

What does Celeste give you?

The first time you meet Celeste, she’ll bestow upon you a Star Wand recipe – the most iconic of the wands. After the first encounter, she’ll continue giving you one recipe each time she visits – with a different Zodiac-themed piece of furniture every month.

If you find and speak to Celeste again within the same month, and she has already given you that month’s Zodiac recipe, she will subsequently provide you with recipes for other star-related items, wands, zodiac fragments or star fragments.

Each recipe given to you by Celeste naturally requires various star fragments to craft. See the complete list – as well as crafting recipes – below:

And, if Celeste’s generosity and curiosity aren’t endearing enough, lucky players may even catch a glimpse of her wishing upon a star every now and then – so keep an eye out for this adorable owl’s appearances.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about Celeste and her collection of star-crossed recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Have you met Celeste yet, or crafted any of her recipes? Let us know down below!

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