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Announce a new feature.  Clubhouse helps content creators generate income

Announce a new feature. Clubhouse helps content creators generate income

The “Clubhouse” application has announced a new feature that allows content creators to get money directly from users, in the first step to make a profit through the popular voice messaging application.

“We are pleased to begin rolling out the Payments feature, which is the first monetization feature for content creators in the Clubhouse,” the app said in a statement Monday on its website.

“All users will be able to send payments today, and we will launch the ability to receive payments in batches, starting with testing for a small group today … We look forward to collecting feedback, improving the feature and publishing it for everyone soon.”

The statement explained that the app’s guiding principle is to build a platform that puts the content creator first, stating that the goal is to help creators build a community and audience, and have broad impact.

Paul Davison, co-founder of the startup, said Clubhouse wanted to focus on generating direct revenue for content creators, rather than ads.

And if the content creator has enabled the payments feature, the user will be able to click the send money button and enter the amount they want to send.

The startup will not take care of anything the content creator gets, as the money goes to them in full, and the company confirmed that this step will be the first of many advantages that will allow creators to get money directly from the content creator. Clubhouse, for the next few years. period.

While all users can now send money, the Payments feature is now enabled for a small test group of speakers, however the company is gradually rolling out the ability to receive payments; Collect feedback and adjust the function.

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