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Vogel fixe un objectif chiffré à Anthony Davis cette saison ! NBA

Anthony Davis’ playing time revealed for his comeback

Absent from the courts for a long time after a calf injury, Anthony Davis is more than ever on his way home. The Lakers have provided updates, including their playing time.

The Lakers have had to compose for weeks without their stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It’s never a good sign heading into the playoffs, so it makes sense to see fans eager for his return. When one receives a blow to the ankle, the other injures the calf. More recently, it is Adrian Wojnarowski, who had given some pretty positive news. of the two players, and they are confirmed.

In fact, just before his game against the Celtics, Frank Vogel was in front of the media. In this way he was able to confirm that Davis he was cleared to resume full training, and his return was just around the corner.

Against the Celtics this Thursday night, Unibrow is also unlikely for the next two games, Saturday and Monday against the same team: the Jazz. However, the coach does not completely rule out the idea, it will depend on the feelings of the player. But whatever happens, Vogel warned fans about the comeback.

When he returns, he will not be complete with a 30 minute match. Since we are small and depending on training, you will have to take advantage of several meetings to get back in the bathroom and get in shape.

Around 15 minutes, this is Davis’ playing time for the first few games, time for him to regain his form and avoid the risk of relapse. The good news is that he was present at shooting practice, just before the game against the Celtics:

Unless you’re surprised, Anthony Davis should be back on the court next week. Good news for the Lakers, especially considering the last few games. Now only LeBron James remains.

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