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anti-cheat software could create various problems

anti-cheat software could create various problems

Many players his personal computer will be familiar with Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) tool, which detects wrong behavior in games It was recently free, which means more will be used games that never.

Valve wants the as many as possible games is available on Steam Deck and software adoption anti fraud seems to be a major obstacle to this ambition. Steam Deck uses Proton, a level from compatibility which allows Windows games to run on the Linux platform. Epic revealed a few months ago that Easy Anti-Cheat would work with Proton and could be activated by developers with ‘a few clicks’, good news given the popularity of play. We are now realizing that this may not be the case.

Steam Deck to launch in 2022

According to a Vermintide 2 developer, it will be difficult to use the software for many games. Vermintide 2 uses EAC, although it seems that it may not be the appropriate type. Your reply to a thread in the Steam of games that required Proton’s help revealed that there are two versions from EAC, one using Epic’s online services (EOS) and the other not. This patch can be choose For him persons using Epic’s online services, but seems to be limited to a selection of epic title new and owners. Vermintide 2 is one of the games that use the version no EOS from Anti fraud epic.

The team thinks that the update of a non-EOS version to an EOS with Proton support and running on the Steam Deck, it would require a considerable amount amount of work. Other teams of developers, such as Tripwire Interactive, have also raised the possibility of a compatibility issue with Epic’s Anti-Cheat, although it is not the only one Service that could cause problems. DayZ developers have affirmed that they are unlikely to bring their game to the Steam Deck, which many believe is overcome in its BattleEye anti-cheat software.

Given the number from Titles As these issues can potentially affect, this could be a major roadblock for Steam Deck.