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Antica Calce Plus di San Marco avvolge gli ambienti con rilievi leggeri dal forte impatto scenografico

Antica Calce Plus di San Marco envelops the rooms with light reliefs with a strong scenographic impact

12/01/2021 – To count the personality not only furniture and decoration accessories contribute to those who live in a space: in fact, even the walls help to define atmosphere and character of any environment.

Specific for interiors, Antica Calce Plus is the wall covering developed by San Marco, leading company in Italy in the production and distribution of paints and varnishes for professional construction, characterized by exclusive chiaroscuro effects and a smooth finish: thanks to the elegant brushed effect, it allows to obtain a finish rich in nuances, highlighted by the final polish. Not only that: to the original aesthetic impact, this decorative combines an important one Preventive function of mold and decomposition phenomena related to humidity.. The lime-based formulation, in fact, is capable of controlling humidity and microclimate, guaranteeing a natural and effective protection of the walls.

Through soft brush strokes, slightly embossed and pleasant to the touch, the decorator can release his inspiration by creating particular atmospheres in which aesthetics, design and attention to detail are key elements.

Formulated with a mineral binder, Antica Calce Plus is a breathable lining that does not release volatile substances and ensures high life comfort. It can also be applied on many surfaces such as old and new plasters based on hydraulic binders, plasterboard walls, old paints or various types of conglomerates, provided they are absorbent.

Customizable thanks to Marcromie Tintometric SymptomWith a wide selection of colors, this finish blends seamlessly into the most classic settings, but also creates pleasant contemporary atmospheres.

The decorative Antica Calce Plus is part of the mood Classic, which together with Minimal, Urban, Contemporary me Decoration trends, is one of the five styles of decoration identified by San Marco within the new catalog Styles to inhabit: a tool to support the communication of the wide range of products, very useful for the retailer, the individual and the designer. Thanks to the recent restyling, the catalog becomes an important source of inspiration, a “moodboard” that includes finishes and colors contextualized within one of the most famous cities in the world, Venice. Enriched year after year with refined and innovative proposals, the San Marco decorative line includes solutions designed to create spaces always in line with the most current trends in interior design.

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