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App Gallery already has more than 500 million active users per month

App Gallery already has more than 500 million active users per month

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Huawei’s application store reached 264,000 million downloads in 2020 and in Colombia alone, the figure reached 250 million downloads. They have 18 categories of applications and it is already available in the stores of other brands of smartphones.

In two years, the technology multinational has managed to consolidate the App Gallery as the third largest in the world. According to David Moheno, director of public relations for Huawei Consumer Business Group in Latin America, there are already 18 categories of apps with a strong chapter in Finance with applications such as Bancolombia, and another in social networks with brands such as TikTok, Telegram and Deezer .

In The Spectator asks podcast version Moheno releases details of the titles of new games that have already entered the platform, talks about Game of Thrones and the Lego world, other applications developed in Colombia such as Carulla, Claro video, Domicilios, Éxito, Nequi, Daviplata and also counted data on security policy: “We reject about 30% of applications that enroll because they do not meet our very high security standards, fully aligned with regulations, local, regional and global laws; in fact we do all the inspections, we have four security levels among which we include the detection of potential malicious attacks and if we detect something that could put the security and privacy of users’ information at risk, we immediately activate, reject the application and do not we put none of our consumers at risk ”.

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