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App to decorate your home in a fun and simple way


Home decoration application: which ones are the best? Decide furnish house it can be a fun or stressful experience. It all depends on how we approach this new “mission”. Obviously it also depends on the person who will support us in our project. You may find that when it comes to home furnishing, “Who does it alone, really does it for three.” Or you may find that by combining your ideas with those of the people who live with you (be it a partner, family, friends, or simple roommates), the end result could be original and unique.

Well meet you in the choice of furniture and colors, we decided to try different ones for you home furniture applications. Some are basically gods furniture sets, which nevertheless allow us to find many interesting ideas and combinations that we may not have considered. On the other hand, other applications are more “professional” and can serve as very valuable aids to renovate the apartment without stress!

Are you ready to find out what best apps to download on your mobile?

Furnish your home with the Room Planner app

Let’s first talk about a very useful application, that is Room planner. This application will allow you to choose the furniture and decoration of a Ikea catalog. In this way you can design your interior in 3D and share the final result with whoever you want. The application is available in a free version and in a PRO version with subscription. The latter offers the possibility of taking advantage of 3d design made to measure, a catalog with 5000 products to furnish the home and an infinity of rooms to “build” and decorate.

Design Home, to play and find new ideas

As I mentioned, some furniture apps are more like games than anything else. Using them, however, you could find original inspirations and ideas. One of those applications is Design house, which offers the opportunity to participate in the challenges of home decor stimulating and fun. Within the App it is also possible to buy paid packages and additional items, but this probably goes beyond our main objective, which is really to furnish our home. However, it is helpful to find decorating ideas different than usual and put your skills to the test.

Home Furniture Application

Planner 5D, the application to furnish and renovate your home

HD views, detailed floor plans, realistic images, modern furniture, original and with a thousand different colors, possibility of being inspired by the multiple ideas proposed and photographing your projects. L ‘5D app planner offers these and many other services. The application also allows you to create HD projects (2D and 3D) and bring your dream home and furniture to life in minutes.

Homify, the application to design the interiors of your home

Finally, we point out the application Homify, a true friend if you also want to modernize and redesign the rooms of your home. This application will allow you not only to capture many ideas that will inspire you, but also to find the right architect for you. You can choose between different styles and different rooms, you will find private furniture and new, and you can also contact the architect for ask for budget of the project that you like the most.

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is download the app you like the most and find out how much fun it can be renovate your home spending little And with many ideas just a click away!

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