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Apple has notified its employees of a partial return to the offices. Not everyone is happy


The world’s largest technology company has notified its employees of a partial return to their offices, but some employees have sent Tim Cook an official letter claiming that the past year has not been easy for everyone.

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While Israel has been “coming back to life” for some time, the world is still trying to figure out when it will be possible to return to a type of routine, and especially what that routine will be like. After a year of working from home, Apple employees received an email from Matt Cook, the company’s chief executive, stating that they were returning to the offices in part. But some employees don’t seem so happy.

3-5 business days from the office with an additional 14 business days from home

In an email sent by Cook to Apple employees, it was stated that company employees will be required to return to work from the offices beginning in September for at least 3 business days on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and the rest of the days they can choose if they want to work from home. Those who, by the nature of their work, are supposed to work as a team, will return from the office for a 4-5 week workweek. “Although we have accomplished a great deal while many of us have been apart, the truth is that something vital is missing in the last year: friendship with one another,” Cook wrote. “Video calls may have reduced the distance with us, but there are things they cannot replicate.”

This announcement comes after more than a year in which only a few Apple employees continued to work from offices on a limited basis, while a significant portion of them worked remotely. Cook tried to further smooth the rough transition for some people by allowing employees to take another 14 business days from home, in coordination with his supervisor. Cook noted that this is a type of pilot that will run through the end of the year and will be retested in 2022, so Apple employees can return to work full-time from the office next year.

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Employees in response: Some employees quit due to attitude last year.

After the letter was leaked to Bloomberg and The Verge, the latter was successful. Put your hands down In an internal letter written by 80 employees on Apple’s internal Slack channel that includes 2,800 employees. The document shows that not everyone is happy about going back to the offices and paints a different picture than what Cook tries to paint in his letter: “Apple’s remote work policy and the media surrounding it have led to some of our colleagues to resign… Many of us feel that we have to choose between our family and our health. Our best work, or being a part of Apple. “So it is written.

Employees write that during the year they felt their voices were not heard and sometimes even ignored: “It feels like there is a disconnect between the way the management team views work from home and how a significant part of Apple employees experienced work from home. ” Employees weren’t content to express their dissatisfaction with the decision, but did note 5 formal (and fairly general) requests for it.

The staff sought to allow teams within Apple to make independent decisions regarding work from home and office, as they themselves make decisions about the employment of certain employees; Conduct a repeated survey among all company employees regarding the entire issue of work from home and office; Find out officially during an interview leaving an employee if this was done due to working from home; A transparent and clear plan to address accessibility issues inside and outside the offices; Finally, they also wanted to know the environmental consequences of working from the office compared to working from home or flexible working from home.

If you’re wondering what to do with the big competitors, Google announced in May a hybrid work model that includes 3 working days from home starting in September, and 20% of employees continue to work from home alone, 20% others on new ones. Offices. and the other 60% will work in the hybrid model of existing offices. At Facebook, however, it was decided that around 50% of the employees who would be interested in it would be able to work from home entirely for the next 5 to 10 years.

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