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Apple Iphone: The world’s first iPhone with a waterproof port and USB Type-C!


Team Ahmednagar Live24, Jan 22, 2022:- A few months ago, an engineer replaced the iPhone X with a Lightning port with a USB Type-C port. As a result, Frankenstein’s iPhone was sold for US$86,001 (Rs 64,22,554), although it is unclear if the auction winner paid for the device. However, the ‘world’s first USB-C iPhone’ came with a number of conditions, including ‘Don’t use your everyday phone’ (Apple Iphone).

Now comes the world’s first waterproof iPhone with USB Type-C port: – Also, the iPhone lacked water resistance, in some cases one of the strengths of the device. Now, Gernot Jöbstl has announced that they have built a USB-C iPhone without compromising water resistance.

As in previous projects, Jöbstl has used the iPhone X, which was released in 2017. However, they have USB board superglue, which provides some degree of water resistance.

The auction will be held soon:- The enhanced iPhone X is considered to use a USB Type-C port for charging or data transfer, matching the Lightning port’s versatility. It will auction the modified iPhone X on eBay on January 19 to raise funds for other projects. Chances are, USB-C and waterproof iPhones aren’t cheap; Jöbstl will post a link in the description of his YouTube video.

Apple has already switched to the USB Type-C port for most of its iPad range; In fact, with only the entry-level Lightning iPad remaining, the iPad mini last year introduced USB Type-C with the sixth-generation model. The EU hopes that electronics manufacturers will be forced to use USB Type-C. C on smaller devices, but many years away.

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