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Apple kills popular app that can play Stadia on iOS


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Yet another game The app has been removed from iOS App Store.This time StadiumAn app that provided a workaround for the fact that Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is not available on iOS..

The stadium works by Streaming Stadia game via web browser. This is technically not a violation of Apple’s strict App Store rules.Company Said To Recently updated guidelines Allowed to “open internet and web browser apps to reach all users outside the App Store”. So if this is allowed, why is Apple pulling Stadium from the App Store?

According to stadium developer Zachary Knox, Apple opposes what the stadium should be.WebKit extensions Use the native API to connect to Bluetooth. Or, in essence, Apple doesn’t like the way users connect various controllers to Stadia via Bluetooth in the Stadium app.So The Verge As pointed out, Apple probably mentions Guideline section 4.7, The developer said [use] It’s a feature available in standard WebKit views, and developers “don’t try to extend or expose native platform APIs to third-party software.”

There’s nothing surprising about this story, and Apple’s Frustrating approach to cloud gaming Not new. Stadia, Nvidia GeForce, and Microsoft’s Project xCloud isn’t all on iOS. In August, Microsoft told Gizmodo: Apple was completely responsible Regarding the lack of cloud gaming on iOS devices, “Apple is independent as the only general-purpose platform that rejects consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services, including Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Pass.” ..Not surprisingly, Microsoft then Killed xCloud beta trial..

Another annoyance is the one mentioned above Updated guidelines Still, Apple can handle gaming services differently than other types of streaming apps. Technically, cloud gaming services need to create a separate list for each game that can be played through that service. This is an unnecessary hurdle that Apple does not require from Netflix, Hulu, etc. What you are actually doing with these ambiguous guidelines is Unfair advantage To Apple Arcade, a unique game service.

Apple often justifies App Store policies as a way to provide a trusted market. This is a kind of quality assurance. In this case, quality has nothing to do with why Apple is pulling the stadium.Knox said the app was downloaded on Twitter Almost 15,000 times Since then Appeared on the App Store At the time of this writing, the Stadium app is still available on the App Store, with a 4.9-star rating from 124 reviews, most of which are very positive. On the surface, Knox will just remove the Bluetooth component and Apple will probably leave Stadium. (Knox himself Listed on Reddit He “cleans up the code” and plans to open source the stadium in the coming weeks. )

Multiple companies use the same web Browser approach taken by the stadium to circumvent App Store rules..Microsoft reportedly Working with web apps For Xbox cloud gaming on iOS.Amazon Take the same approach With Luna.But The tricky part is that there’s no guarantee that Apple can’t use vague guidelines to find a way to make life hell, even for competitors, or developers who just want to make iOS a better place for games. That said, Knox doesn’t seem to have a grudge against Apple.

When asked to comment, Knox introduced us to this Tweet: “We know that apps that are being removed are getting a lot of attention,” he writes... “But frankly, I’m disappointed, but I’m not angry with Apple. I have some plans for the app in the future, but I hope you’ll be happy.”

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