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Apple M1: Intel responds with a series of questionable benchmarks


By parting ways with Intel and releasing its own M1 chips with amazing performance, a apparently Apple has managed to pressure the world leader in silicon . It must be said that Intel is struggling to keep up with its competitors when it comes to engraving precision and energy efficiency.

So, in order not to give the impression of being totally surprised by its eleventh generation of mobile Core i7 processors, Intel just released a reference series specially chosen to show the superiority of Intel.


However, it should be emphasized up front: since their launch, a host of independent benchmarks have in fact noted a surprising superiority of Macs with M1 chips in terms of performance and autonomy, compared to PCs running ARM or CPU. Intel.

In their benchmarks, Intel tries to highlight its superiority for certain tasks. According to Intel, the 11th generation Core i7 chips would lead Chrome’s browsing test, for activities in Office 365, Adobe suite applications and artificial intelligence.

Also when it comes to video games, Intel shows a big gap . The founder, however, doesn’t go so far as to brag, pointing out that many games are simply not available on the Mac. Ultimately, Intel is trying to undermine Apple’s claims of autonomy.

According to Intel, which ignores the hundreds of independent tests (including our own) that have concluded differently, Apple’s autonomy claims are a hoax. In practice, according to Intel, I 11th Gen Core i7 laptops have fairly comparable battery life .

Intel addresses its competitor on the issue of external display support , noting that PC customers of all brands have more options, with features like the touchscreen not yet available in the PC ecosystem. So what can we conclude from these results? There are two things: this series of landmarks has a Intel’s goal: demonstrate that its latest processors continue to work against the MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini M1 chip .


And we are not going to take four paths: we have serious doubts about the seriousness of the tests carried out by Intel . We can also point out that the founder did not hesitate to use questionable tactics such as switching machines to reinforce his achievements. For example, during the battery test, Intel preferred to use the MacBook Air over the more durable MacBook Pro, the comparison of which would be less flattering.

Some tests, including the artificial intelligence test, are also optimized for specific characteristics of Intel processors, which inevitably gives them the advantage . Without this necessarily translating into real differences in performance compared to conventional applications. Remember that it is common for technology players to carefully choose benchmarks that highlight their strengths over the competition.

Nevertheless, We have rarely seen Intel use such schemes. What is revealing . In fact, Intel appears to be paralyzed by a situation that is getting over it. In fact, there is a real risk that the markets will eventually escape Intel. The founder was the architect of the generalization of the x86 architecture on PCs, but due to its orientation and mobile autonomy, the ARM architecture is attracting more and more PC manufacturers who want to give machines high autonomy.

However, for the moment, all stars are not fully aligned yet so ARM can quickly supplant x86 architecture . As the first Always Connected PCs with an ARM chip demonstrated, hardware capabilities are nothing without extensive software support. This is probably where Apple has taken a considerable advantage. The performance of non-optimized apps on Windows 10 ARM pales in comparison to what Apple offers in its ecosystem.

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