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Apple Music can support higher quality Hi-Fi - GIGAZINE

Apple Music can support higher quality Hi-Fi – GIGAZINE

April 26, 2021 local time “iOS 14.5It was released, but as a result of the analysis of the beta version of its next version, iOS 14.6, Apple’s music streaming service “,Apple Music“ButHi-fiThere is a possibility to support.

iOS 14.6 beta 1 hints Apple Music HiFi support with Dolby audio references – 9to5Mac

May 1, 2021 local time on the music site.HITS Daily DoubleReported that “Apple Music supports Hi-Fi.” According to this report, Apple Music will support Hi-Fi with the current monthly rate of 980 yen and will launch at the same time as the launch of the third generation AirPods.

Apple Music Hi-Fi support will be available in late 2021Advertised support for Hi-FiIt is believed to be Apple’s move against Spotify.

5 things to know about Spotify HiFi – Spotify Japan – for the record

Additionally, Apple-related outlet 9to5Mac reported that when it analyzed the beta version of iOS 14.6 released for developers in the fifth week of April 2021, it found code that suggested Hi-Fi support for Apple Music.

According to 9to5Mac, the Apple Music application in beta of iOS 14.6 has a new “Dolby Atmos」「Dolby Audio」「No lossCode that specifically mentions “” has been added. Apple is a proprietary hi-fi audio codecApple LosslessDue to the adoption of (ALAC), Apple Music does not support Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio at the time of writing.

Even more interesting is that these codes are only included in iOS 14.6 Beta 1. The already released iOS 14.5 and “iOS 14.6 Public Beta 2” released in the first week of May 2021 do not contain the code for “Dolby Atmos”, “Dolby Audio “and” Lossless “. That is why 9to5Mac reports that “Apple is trying to hide the description of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio”.

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Additionally, iOS 14.6 can enable paid subscriptions to the Podcasts app. 9to5Mac expects iOS 14.6 to be released to the general public in late May, as Apple has announced that its Podcast subscription will begin in May 2021.

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