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Apple patents suggest iPhone gets the same water injection system as Apple Watch

Apple patents suggest iPhone gets the same water injection system as Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 2 was the first model to be completely waterproof, and Apple introduced an important feature to protect its internal components. As you know, the Apple Watch has a water injection system that causes the speaker to drain water, which could be brought to the iPhone according to a new patent filed by Apple.

Apple Watch’s water injection system works by using a speaker to vibrate and make a specific sound that pushes water out. This is useful when using your Apple Watch while swimming or showering.

As pointed out by Obviously apple, This feature may be available on future iPhone models since Apple has registered a new patent to indicate it exactly. The patent was originally filed by Apple in 2019, but was only published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

These figures show the water injection system built into the iPhone. This system works similar to technology found in Apple Watch Series 2 and later. It uses a speaker and a sensor module with a hydrophobic coating to repel water, making iPhone even more waterproof and preventing the speaker from failing immediately after it comes into contact with liquid.

Based on the patent’s description, this system can drain different types of liquids such as fresh water, salt water and gas. It is also possible to detect the presence of salt water crystals on the acoustic mesh barrier.

When a portable electronic device (iPhone) is exposed to salt water, such as during a surfing session at Santa Cruz, salt water crystals can leave residues on the acoustic mesh barrier as the salt water evaporates. Therefore, the diaphragm can be activated to sufficiently remove the salt water crystals from the acoustic mesh barrier.

However, there are no known plans to include this feature in this year’s iPhone model. It’s important to remember that Apple files hundreds of patents each year and not all of them are actually used in the actual product.

The popular YouTube channel Slo Mo Guys recently shared a stunning video of the Apple Watch’s water injection system. We covered here 9to5Mac, And it’s worth seeing.

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