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Apple sued over watch that caused injury

Apple sued over watch that caused injury

A group of users in the US is suing Apple because the Apple Watch caused them injuries while using it.

Follow Bloomberg, four people filed suit in federal court in Oakland, California on December 9, saying Apple watch Batteries swell when in use. As a result, the watch screen will crack, crack and cause hand injuries.

“The display is made of Ion-X glass with aluminum models or sapphire crystal with stainless steel and titanium models. Each has a sharp edge,” the lawsuit states.

Apple Watch series 3. Ảnh: Bloomberg

The team attached a photo of a deep incision in a customer’s hand, which was confirmed to be caused by the edge of the Watch series 3 screen when it was broken, as evidence.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple violated consumer protection laws by launching products without disclosing these risks. The team says the bug affects Apple Watch 6 series and earlier models. The latest series 7 is not affected.

Apple has yet to comment.

In the past, a few cases of Apple Watch battery swelling have been reported, but none occurred. In 2019, Apple implemented a free replacement program for cracked screens on Series 2 and 3 aluminum watches. On its website, the company also admits that “in very rare cases, a crack can form along the rounded edge of the screen “.

Bao Lam (follow, continue Bloomberg)

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