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Apple Watch saves the woman ...!

Apple Watch saves the woman …!

Internet Desktop: It is a given that the world will be realized in the palm of your hand when technology becomes available. It goes without saying, especially about smart watches. In Madhya Pradesh Although the old man was saved from death … there is much more to say until the incident in which a collapsed man survived as if he had been in Sweden before. Apple’s latest smartwatch has played a key role in protecting a woman from the clutches of kidnappers. Here are the details of the incident that took place in Texas, USA.

A woman from the Selma area of ​​Texas provided information via Apple Smartwatch to her daughter for help because she was in danger. The ringing of the clock stopped before she knew all the details of his whereabouts. His daughter then approached the local police. They tracked the abducted woman’s phone with the help of an emergency cell ping and tracked her whereabouts with the help of a smartwatch connected to the phone. The police immediately rushed to the scene, rescued the victim and arrested the kidnapper. Earlier, the victim told police that there was an argument between them about unloading the luggage from the truck.

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