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Apple’s Pixel Challenge: Create the Perfect App Icon With Just a Few Pixels


Apple hosted the pixel challenge at the WWDC developer conference, and a number of creative people have already participated. The goal of the contest is to implement something of your own or a known motif in the dimensions of the first icon graphics. Also, only black and white graphics are possible. The results can be seen on Twitter using the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges.

While today’s app icons have the resolution of digital photos to look good on HDR displays, and designers have millions of colors to choose from, early artists had to make do with little. Apple commemorates Susan Kare, an early Mac designer, who had to create a variety of icon images for the controls in programs like MacPaint in 1984. Motifs like brushes, lassos, and hand tools have left their mark and can still be seen today. find in many programs today. At that time, the first icons were still sketched on graph paper.

As part of the challenge, which Apple also announces alongside other challenges in its app for developers, the general public is now being asked to design pixel-level app icons. A maximum of 48 by 48 pixels is allowed. If you’re looking for a really big challenge, you can also submit graphics with 32 x 32 or 16 x 16 pixels. The lack of color makes things even more difficult.

The Apple TV app logo poses a challenge because of the letters, especially in the smaller versions.
(Image: Twitter)

The trick, according to Apple, is to focus on a single element that is significant enough to represent the core of the app. The flashy envelope from the mail app is mentioned as an example.

the challenges which was proclaimed on June 7, is not limited in time. However, there is also nothing to gain, it is simply a matter of honor (of the designer).

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