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Aquanta h2o heater controller review: A clever solution for your home’s greatest power waster


Aquanta 1st arrived to our focus way again in 2014 with a quite basic but incredibly intelligent strategy: a system that controls your h2o heater so it makes hot water only when you will need it, rather of holding 40 or 50 gallons of h2o scorching 24/7. Because then, Aquanta has primarily labored with community utilities to get its solution into households. The organization is now advertising its controller immediate to customers, and following expending some good quality time with a evaluation unit, I think it’s a robust worth.

According to the U.S. Section of Electrical power, heating h2o accounts for about 18 per cent of a home’s strength use. That helps make it the 2nd-premier contributor to your strength-related utility bill (just after heating and cooling), at a price to the average loved ones of $400 to $600 every 12 months. You can imagine of a typical tank drinking water heater as a large thermos. It heats up 40 or 50 gallons of drinking water and strives to keep all that drinking water incredibly hot so that it is readily available any time you require it. But if you are like most people, you in all probability require lots of sizzling water only a couple periods a working day: in the morning for a shower, in the night to clean dishes, and probably just a pair of situations each and every 7 days to run your dishwasher and clean your outfits.

Just one remedy would be to substitute your regular tank drinking water heater with a tankless design that heats water on need. The Vitality Division estimates that people appliances are two to a few moments additional efficient than a tank drinking water heater. But not only are they high priced, you will in all probability want the two a specialist electrician and a specialist plumber to install one. What is far more, the agency claims you may not recoup the acquire and set up expense through decreased utility charges right before the device wears out and needs to be changed.

Michael Brown / IDG

The Aquanta Sensible H2o Heater Controller installed on a 40-gallon propane h2o heater.

4 handle solutions

An Aquanta controller expenses $149 and you can install it on your own in about 20 minutes. There are designs for both equally electrical and pure-gasoline/propane water heaters, but there is no plumbing concerned. The system gives 4 methods of managing your water heater, balancing your drive for very hot water with preserving vitality. Aquanta Intelligence, the default decision, depends on an algorithm that analyzes your very hot water usage and mechanically turns the drinking water heater on and off accordingly. You can choose from a few types here: A lot less Successful, Efficient, and Most Effective.

The next alternative is finest for individuals who stick to a strictly regimented schedule: You can established timers that will switch the h2o heater on and off at specified occasions. This possibility is comparable to the pre-Nest-period programable HVAC thermostats in that it lets you make 1 routine for every day of the week just one timetable for weekdays and a different for weekends or one program for weekdays, a second for Saturdays, and a 3rd for Sundays).

aquanta com cable in controller Michael Brown / IDG

The Aquanta manage cable plugged into the COM port on a Honeywell digital water heater ignition controller.

The 3rd choice is for electric h2o heater proprietors whose utility provides a “time of day” rate that would make electrical power more pricey through occasions of peak desire and less expensive all through off-peak hrs. Just pick out your certain utility from a drop-down menu. This will fireplace up your h2o heater only when strength charges are decrease.

At last, a thermostat handle possibility keeps your h2o at a defined temperature. This is obviously the least effective process, and it can not raise the temperature further than the tank’s mechanical established position anyway, but if you’re super picky about water temperature, the solution is there.

aquanta app scheduling Michael Brown / IDG

If you have a tightly regimented program, you can application your water heater to run only at unique periods and times of the week.

If you want to help you save even additional strength, and you can recall to do it, you can faucet an Absent button in the app to notify the controller to convert the h2o heater off since you won’t be property to need sizzling drinking water. You can pick possibly a Now setting or specify a future time that you’ll be gone, and then reveal the time the Absent interval should really stop and h2o heating really should resume.

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