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Arcade Paradise: create your own arcade in this simulator


In Arcade Paradise you have all the retro style in your face. Source: Wired Productions, Nosebleed Interactive

August 11 is the day and the editor wire productions and independent developer interactive nosebleed take us to the simulation arcade paradise Return to the dazzling world of 90’s arcades. In this simulation, the protagonist Ashley, together with the players, transforms the boring family laundromat “King Wash” into the best game room: bathed in neon lights and equipped with the best arcades, this gloomy place becomes the most popular hotspot for gamers.

For true arcade style, the developers have designed over 35 of their own “retro games” that run on the machines you can outfit the hall with. Of course, each of them can be played by yourself and offers its own achievements. But there’s no gain without diligence: For the Laundromat to become a popular arcade, players first have to do a lot of work with Ashley, managing it, expanding it, etc. – typical rags-to-riches story.

A short trailer shows the daily routine of the game:

It’s about this

As a frustrated teenager, Ashley, players must work hard at her father’s laundromat. Not only does that make little money, but it’s also boring as hell. But the old arcade machines in the back of the store promise more fun. What if these old appliances suddenly attracted more guests than spinning washing machine drums?

Ashley tries things out and, in addition to her day job, slips more and more into the role of an arcade owner who buys new machines, entertains her guests, and of course, doesn’t forget to have fun at the same time. By managing earnings, completing mundane tasks (fully gamified), and collecting coins, players can make new investments and grow their arcade empire little by little.

Tribute to retro games

leo zulloManaging Director, Wired Productions

“We’re excited to continue working with Nosebleed Interactive on the ultimate nostalgic game for everyone who grew up in the early ’90s. It’s a rewarding feeling to have been involved with the team on the original concept of Arcade Paradise, turning a small idea into a big one! Big Deal!”

Andreas FirniglCEO and founder of Nosebleed Interactive:

“I’m so proud of our team who worked incredibly hard to make Arcade Paradise the dream game for fans of classic and indie games alike. This is the biggest game we’ve ever made as a studio, so we’re really looking forward to it.” bring Arcade Paradise to the world”.

Arcade Paradise Documentary

There is a great documentary series on the making of the game and its background. If you are interested in retro gaming and arcade havens, the videos are definitely worth watching. In it you can also see how much love the developers put into the project and into each game:

Arcade Paradise will be released on August 11, 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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