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Are Video Games Good for Your Mental Health?You don’t play like me | Adrian Childs | Games


NIn the first half of a century, I added a video game to a long list, though I wasn’t as good as my brother. On Christmas day in the 70’s, Santa delivered us what we now call the console. On top of that, as I remember, you could only play that simple tennis game called Pong. I hit him firmly with it, but to be fair to the youth, he was barely school-aged. Sadly, it represents my last victory over him. Alongside Lego, math and girls, video games have become what I (especially myself) have determined to be unsuitable.

The game is now Very big and smart business, Gives joy to a huge number of people.Just this week, Oxford University researchers reported: Games can be good for your mental health.. It would be ridiculous to disdain everything just because I haven’t made a single word since the famous Pong victory in 1970-something.

So lately I felt like I was missing out. The game Fomo is finally here. But the help is at hand. My friend and colleague of the BBC and S4C, Steffan Powell, is an expert in the gaming business. His podcast on this subject has just started on BBC Sounds.It is called Press X to continue.. We might set up an alternative called Press X to Give Up for incompetent people like me in the Pong era.

I asked Stephan to recommend an entry-level game that you can try for yourself, a portal that lets you peek through the path of this mysterious world. “For someone of your age” he started, it meant there was no crime, I’m sure, “I’ll go one on your phone. Try it. Monument Valley.. It’s really beautiful – it’s actually pretty touching. “

moving? I enjoyed being as impressed as the next person, so I downloaded it – in Monument Valley where I rode. It’s really great to tap the phone icon and jump into another world. I think Twitter does so, much like lifting a sewer lid on the street. But this is a better world. You need a little girl called Aida to move up and down stairs and things. I immediately had a strong attachment to her. Excited, I passed her unharmed through the first chapter.

Proceed to Chapter 2, “Which Aida Embarks on the Search for Forgiveness.” e? What did she do? Pushing, confused but engrossed, I helped Aida as much as I could. I wasn’t very emotionally involved, but I was angry that something like a crow was poking her. Also, in one chapter, a friend in the shape of a totem pole helps her. The episode ends with her departure on a boat as the totem pole slowly sinks into the sea and Aida watches over. I have to admit, I choked my tears.

Around Chapter 7, I started to get stuck. It’s all a little complicated. I found it calm and less absorptive and quite annoying. I launched a search engine to see what the gaming community is saying about Monument Valley. The first thing I came across was a review that “it should take about an hour and a half to complete.” One and a half hours? At this point I was on the 8th day. I thought I had steamed before. Persistent questions pervaded my system.I am really was After all, it’s hopeless.

By day 9, I had reached out to the toolbox in search of a hammer to reduce the iPhone to its components. I sent a text message to Stefan asking for help. He immediately sent me some videos telling you to take Aida where she wants to go. So I sat on my laptop, watched the video, and copied all the movements on the phone. It was embarrassing. Stephan, I don’t need this. For heaven, don’t put me in these shooters. It won’t end well. The game is over.

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